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JBeanz912 Incorporated

Who We Are...

JBeanz912 Incorporated is a dynamic and innovative media outlet that is dedicated to providing its audience with content that resonates with them. With a wide range of topics, from music and entertainment to lifestyle and beyond, there is something for everyone at JBeanz912 Incorporated. We are committed to delivering high-quality content to our readers, and we strive to be a leader in media innovation. Join us today and be a part of the conversation.

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Academic Credentials

Education and Life Events

August 2016- August 2019

Audio Production, Full Sail University

At Full Sail University I was able to learn and master various DAW such as Logic X, ProTools, Abelton Live, and Wwise. I was made proficient in Sound Design as well as ADR and all aspects of recording, editing, arranging, mixing, and mastering.

August 2016- Present

JBeanz912 Incorporated

At JBeanz912 Inc., I am responsible for all aspects of production. I have been responsible for a range of projects from productions support to concept and design consulting. Audio production is one aspect of the many services provided such as event support and social media marketing.  

August 1991- June 1995

Diploma, A. E. Beach High School

At A. E. Beach High School, I participated in various programs such as the Medical Magnet, Concert/Marching Band, Choir, and Latin Club. Advanced Studies in conjunction with Savannah State College, and graduated with College Prep and advanced college credits.

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