Music Production Mixing & Mastering

JBeanz912 Incorporated is dedicated to not only creating great music, but memorable events and productions as well. Great music is crafted through collaboration and dedication. We handle your recording, editing and post-production.

 JBeanz912 Inc. is here for your social media campaign and promotional needs as well. Our approach to marketing and advertising is innovative and effective.
JBeanz912 Inc. is comprised of Jerry Dennard II, BS, EBMS and his team of creative collaborators. Each team member brings experience and a unique perspective fron their respective professional niches.
Dennard is a trained audio professional, proficient in the leading industry standard workstations; Pro Tools, Logic X, and Ableton Live. With an M.S. in Entertainment Business  from Full Sail University, and years of classical music training, you can be confident that your experience with JBeanz912 Inc. will be professional and one-of-a-kind. See you at the Studio!

Standard Mixing Services

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Excluding Sales Tax
  • Up 3 tracks per purchase.

    (pricing breaks down to $125/track!!)

    One (1) project per purchase.

    Project files  submitted to .

    ONLY .WAV files accepted

    Two (2) T...W....O... Revisions per Track per Project.